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Laulima's Vision and Mission

Laulima Garden ‘Ohana seeks to empower every household on Maui to be able to grow food easily, and we do this by taking notice of the foods that thrive in our region.

Our Mission: To educate the Hawaiian Islands about the need for food security and how this issue can be addressed – from one ‘ohana to the next – by learning about the importance of simple, backyard gardening.

Our Vision: To empower every household on Maui to embrace simple, backyard gardening and how to incorporate subtropic foods that grow naturally in this environment into their daily diets.

Laulima Garden 'Ohana


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Laulima Garden 'Ohana



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We post educational content, recipes, gardening tips and many fun behind the scene stories on our blog. Here are are featured articles for you. Check out our full blog for more content.

We believe in Ohana

Ohana means family and family means one is left behind or forgotten. Our gates and hearts are always open to family.

Laulima Garden 'Ohana

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Laulima Garden 'Ohana

Our Partner

Laulima Garden ‘Ohana is the educational garden branch of our larger non-profit Maui ‘Ohana Collective, which serves the community by way of providing Homeschool Resource Services, Hawaiian Cultural Education, and Alternative Health & Special Education by way of ‘Ohana Lapa ‘au. Help us by donating.

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