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Similar to the Farmers Almanac, the native Hawaiians draw upon the wisdom of observing the natural world to make assessments and predictions of the most auspicious times for planting, harvesting and even fishing.

The key wisdoms they draw upon, however, center around observing the different phases of the moon.

Learning how to “count the nights” as the native Hawaiians have long done is a powerful tool we strive to honor and teach to others on our farm. 

Photo by Jameson Baltes

How it works is this:
The Hawaiian month, or malama, includes thirty phases—grouped into three, ten-day periods:

  • ho‘onui (growing bigger),
  • poepoe (round or full) and
  • emi (decreasing)

Throughout Hawaii, there are many different climate types found, but there are two generally observed seasons:

the wet season (or Ho’oilo) and
the hot season (or Kau)
–each lasting approximately six months of the year.

With these two pieces of the puzzle in place, we add to it the ancient understandings of what each phase of the moon means for farmers and fishermen, and Voila!

A comprehensive and meaningful way that cultivates relationship with the land and sea, creates plants that thrive, and honors the wisdoms of those that came before us.

photo by Jameson Baltes

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