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Malabar Spinach. A real treasure on our farm. It’s incredible how easily it grows and vines, and its leaves are buttery delicious!
Although it is not a “true” spinach, it certainly acts like it. It is packed with nutrients, and it shows up in our Laulima Salad Boost and Sauté Mixes!

One of our wwoofers came up with a beautiful recipe incorporating Malabar Spinach. Check it out:

Palak Recipe with Malabar Spinach 
(Time: 40 minutes)


1 bag Malabar spinach
(can do a blend of other greens of your liking)

1tsp ground cumin

1tsp ground coriander 

1tsp red chili powder

½ tsp grated fresh turmeric
1 tsp grated ginger

Rinse the spinach to remove any dirt. Once washed, place the spinach in a pot with ¾ cup of water.

Cook on a low flame.
Once the spinach leaves lose their crispness and turn a darker green (~10 minutes), turn off the flame and let cool.

Transfer the cooled spinach and water to a blender, and blend until creamy (3-4 minutes).

Pour the blended spinach back into the pot, adding 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp coriander, and ½-1 tsp red chili powder.

Cook on low until the palak has reached the desired consistency (5-10 minutes depending on how much water you added).

Garnish with tadka (see recipe). 

Optional: add ½ tsp grated fresh turmeric and ½-1 tsp grated ginger after turning off flame for an earthy, spicy flavor. Another option is to add cubed tofu or paneer along with the spices (after blending spinach) for a heartier dish.

Tadka garnish recipe
(Time: 5 minutes)

2 tbs ghee or coconut oil

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp chili powder

Heat 2 tbs ghee (or coconut oil) on a medium flame.

Add 1 tsp cumin seeds and 1 tsp chili powder.

Cook until chili powder blooms, then pour over your dish. 

Meal suggestion:
Pulao (rice and vegetable entree)
Raita (spiced yogurt with cucumber)

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