Laulima Garden 'Ohana


Kether is our Executive Director and Visionary for Laulima Garden ‘Ohana. Kether is a Waldorf-credentialed educator whose journey into sustainable gardening and the food security movement began on the island of Molokai in 1995. Since then, she has become a pioneer in creating Waldorf community homeschooling for hundreds of families across three of the Hawaiian Islands, with growing food for local children and families serving as the cornerstone. Her passion, under the direction of Hawaiian elders, her late Kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a, her current mentor Uncle George Kahumoku Jr, and many other cultural leaders, is to build bridges between Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian peoples, as well as create nature-based educational opportunities and environments for children and their families.


Jason is one of our farm leads and educators, sharing his wealth of wisdom and passion for soil regeneration and vermicomposting with our Junior Farmers as well as participants of our weekly Apprenticeship program. An ex professional athlete turned farmer, Jason is a Soil Food Web graduate, soil wellness consultant & permaculture advocate, as well as a father of 2 and inspiration to people in his community as a transformative example of courageous & sustainable growing methods.


Jenny is one of our farm leads and youth garden educators, living and growing food on the northeastern side of Maui for the past 12 years. She has been working her hands in the soil of Laulima Garden Ohana for the past two years and served a key role in helping Laulima expand its offerings into the community through farmers markets and the Maui Food Hub. With a heart that has so much to offer, Jenny is seeking to complete permaculture design and education certification courses and earn certification in permaculture design and education this next year.


Eric is our Assistant Director, serving as Maui ‘Ohana Collective (and thus Laulima Garden ‘Ohana)’s Head of Communication. He holds a BA in Communication and has an extensive background in supporting executives and creatives of diverse backgrounds. After a decade-long career as a professional actor, singer and puppeteer, Eric is grateful to return to Maui and support an organization with such beautiful core values that honor Hawaiian culture and healthy living. His time with Laulima Garden 'Ohana has even inspired his own journey into backyard farming and composting.


Casia has had a lifetime of hand-on experience in permaculture farming. Born on Molokai, Casia has been immersed in gardening on the islands of Big Island and Maui. In addition to being one of our farm leads, Casia loves to cook, paint, and has created the logos for Laulima Garden 'Ohana.

Laulima Garden ‘Ohana is the educational garden branch of our larger non-profit Maui ‘Ohana Collective, which serves the community by way of providing Homeschool Resource Services, Hawaiian Cultural Education, and Alternative Health & Special Education by way of ‘Ohana Lapa ‘au. Help us by donating.

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